“Mama, just 2 more minutes pleaaassssseeeee,” Riya said for the nth time as she held the iPad as tight as she could, not letting her mother “snatch” it away. The previous time, when the mother did manage to take the iPad away, she had to spend the following 10 minutes hearing Riya’s incessant crying and howling.

Does the above ring a bell? Do you have an active child who spends most of his/her time on one of the screens available at home? If you ever wondered how to get him/her off the screen and on to a book, it’s time to give “Oh! My Name” a try.

ohmyname book cover

“Oh! My Name” is a personalized children’s story / picture book where your child, along with a friend called “Dabi”, goes on a journey to find his / her very own name which he / she does not remember. He/she will come across animals, meet some famous people and visit new places. He/she will find out a lot of interesting things (Did Dinosaurs really just vanish away? Was Mona Lisa really called Mona Lisa?) and during the course of his/her journey, will keep collecting the alphabets of his/her name. In the end, he/she does get back his/her name but then something else goes missing: his/her trustworthy friend “Dabi”.....

One thing which will really keep your child interested in the reading session (apart from the fact that he / she is the main character in the book) is the hand puppet of “Dabi” which comes complementary along with the book. It can be used to enact the story as you are reading it out to your child, thus making the entire activity a more dramatized and engaged experience for him / her.

After all, stuffed toys, teddy bears and puppets can be the secret to getting your child to read.

The book can be personalized for your child’s name on the Oh! My Name Website. You can also give a message for your child along with his / her photo at the start of the book which the child and you as a parent will cherish for lifelong.

unique reading experience by oh my name

In the end, as they say, “There is nobody in the world who does not like reading. It’s just that he / she has not yet found the right book.”
Get your child his / her own personalized book and you might just get him / her on to a lifelong journey of reading.