About “Oh! My Name”

Oh! My Name is a book platform with the objective of providing a unique collection of books to children. Our collection includes:

Personalized Paper Books: From your child to you grandparents, we have a personalized book or everybody.

Quiet Books: These are cloth based books full of different activities which help in improving your child's fine motor skills, pattern recognition, color matching, maths and scientific concepts.

Indie Books: These are books independently published by 1 st time authors. The collection we have basically represents the kind of authors who we are great storytellers and have a have a huge potential of making their name in the children's book category.

Note: If you are a 1 st time / budding writer and are looking for a reliable publishing partner, you might want to visit our self-publishing platform Goya Publishing.

The collection of books we have currently is predominantly meant for children up to 12 years. But as they say, "Good children Books are timeless and ageless!"

Different books can be personalized in different ways e.g.:
Oh! My Name: The personalization is based on the letters of the child's name. The story reveals the child’s name one letter at a time with the child finding his / her name at the end.

Family Books: Books on Daddy, Mummy, Grandparents are personalized based on person’s likings / dislikings / hobbies / home address etc.

New Born Books: Books like 'The Day You Were Born', 'Photo Book' have details about the new born like time & place of birth, weight, star sign etc.

Books like 'More Than I Can Count', 'What Could You Be' have the child's name on various pages across the book.
For more information, please refer to the respective personalized book page.

Yes, some of the quiet books can also be personalized with the name of the child on the spine of the book. 


About “Oh! My Name” Book

“Oh! My Name” is a personalized children’s picture book. It is personalized using the letters of the child’s name.

“It is a perfect gift for anyone from 0 to 100 years”: Ritu Khoda, Award Winning Author.

The book is a collection of short rhyming stories with colorful illustrations.

The book is about a boy / girl who does not remember his / her name. He / She, along with a friend called "Dabi", decides to go on a journey to find his / her name. They meet various animals, go to different places and eventually get back the boy / girl's name, letter by letter.

E.g. In the “Oh! My Name” book made for a boy called “Neil”, the boy will hear a Nightingale (N) singing, come across a Chimpanzee (E) who does not want his hair cut, meet a very reclusive animal called "Ila Pika" (I) and then do a lot of HAHAHEHE with a Laughing Buddha (L). Each of these animals will give the boy an alphabet i.e. ‘N’,’E’,’I’ & ‘L’ which will eventually form his name “NEIL”.

Similarly, for names with different alphabets, there are different stories specific to those alphabets.

Yes, we have short stories on various topics e.g. Astronomy (star gazing with Galileo), Treasure hunt in a Pyramid, Showing kindness towards others, Learning why lying is not good etc.

Please drop us an email at hello@ohmyname.net if you want a particular story / topic to be incorporated.

Yes, you can add the child’s photo on the 1st page i.e. the dedication message page along with a message for your child.

There is an 'Upload Photo' option where you can upload a photo of upto 500Kb. You can also mail the photo at hello@ohmyname.net along with your order no.

For the book to be personalized, the child’s name should at least have 3 letters.

For a short name like “Uma”, the book will have 24 pages. For a long name like “Aaradhaya”, the book will have 44 pages. So the number of pages in the book depends on the length of the name of the child.

Yes, we can give you multiple books without any common story. Please drop us an email at hello@ohmyname.net to know what all stories can be incorporated.


Shipping And Delivery

All orders more than Rs 500 qualify for free shipping. For orders less than Rs 500, there is a flat shipping charge of Rs 60/-

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The estimated delivery time is based on the following:

Within India:

 Standard DeliveryExpress Delivery
Regular Products (Including Quiet Books, other Books and Products) 3-4 working days 1-2 working days
Personalized Paper Books 8 working days 4 working days
Personalized Quiet Books 10 working days 6 working days

Outside India:

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Personalized Paper Books 15 working days 9 working days
Personalized Quiet Books 20 working days 10 working days

Our shipping partners include DHL, India Post, and DTDC.

Yes, as soon as the book is shipped, a tracking code will be sent to your registered mail id.

Cancellation And Replacement

Your order can be cancelled within 24 hours from the time you place the order.
You will be given full refund. No questions asked.

Despite our best efforts, it is possible that the product you receive does not confirm to the high quality standards we stand for. If you find your package to be in poor condition, we request you to file a replacement in your My Account page within 10 days from the day your package was delivered and we will provide you with a free replacement.



Once your book is made, it is shrink wrapped. Both the book and Dabi are then encased within a hard box to ensure that you receive your shipment in top notch condition.

If you want your book to be gift wrapped, please contact us at hello@ohmyname.net


We have multiple payment options: Visa / MasterCard / Amex Credit Card, Debit Cards, Digital Wallets, Net banking, PayPal.

Yes, we do have a COD option, which is chargeable @Rs 99/-.


Yes, all the personalized books can have the child's photo on the 1 st page of the book.

All the personalized books pages have the option of "Add Photo" where you can add any photo of your choice.

Acceptable formats are: png, jpg, jpeg

Yes, the photo has to be <500Kb.

Yes, in case you do not have a suitable photo at the time of ordering, you can mail us the photo along with the order no. to hello@ohmyname.net


Other Queries: For any other query, please contact us at hello@ohmyname.net