"Amazing Bee" Children's Quiet / Activity Book

"Amazing Bee" Children's Quiet / Activity Book

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This is a 4 pages mini activity book with different activities which help in improving the child's fine motor & problem solving skills and shapes & color identification ability.

Size: 6.0 * 6.0 inches
Made from the top quality eco-friendly material (can be safely used by children) and stitched to perfection.

Includes the following 4 activities:

Fruit Plucking
Learning Geometric Shapes
Cake Stacking

For details, please have a look at the description below.



The "Amazing Bee" quiet book includes the following "pages":

Cover Page - It has a bee hive and a bee finger puppet attached with velcro.

Activity Pages:

Activity 1 - Fruit plucking activity where kids learn about different colored fruits and keep them in the right basket. Apples and pears have a hook and loop and velcro that help in developing pincer grip. Kids can also learn counting (1-5) with the fruits.

Activity 2 - Learning geometric shapes through touch and feel.

Activity 3 - Cake stacking according to the different layers of the cake.

Activity 4 - Catching fish with a magnetic rod. One of the most popular activity among kids. It also helps kids to enhance their hand eye coordination and fine motor skills.

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