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“Oh! My Name” is a personalized children’s picture book. It is personalized using the letters of the child’s name. E.g. If the name is Varanya, the book will have stories relevant for letters V,A,R,A,N ,Y and A. If the name is Zayn, the book will have stories relevant for letters Z,A,Y and N. In a nutshell, it is unique book for every name.The book is actually a storybook, which is most suitable for children of age group 2- 8 years. It is a collection of short rhyming stories with relevant illustrations.

Oh My Name Personalised Book Review

The story telling is done in the third narration. This is done because the main motive of the book is to read out the story to the kids. The book takes you into a day into the life of a girl or a boy(personalized according to your choice- Well that is the best part), wherein she has lost the alphabets of her name , and starts them by first searching for them in her house and then following different trails which leads her to new places.

Oh My Name Book Review

The plot of the book is very interesting and revolves around the girl finding the lost alphabets. This exploration leads her to different places and interacts with different animals. The location of the story is set in different places like a forest and town among others.In this she quest of her name she is helped by ‘DABI’. Dabi is a dino puppet which is her friend in this journey. DABI is a finger puppet which comes with the edition of the book is definitely the main attraction of the entire story telling process. In fact what we loved about the entire ‘Oh My Name’ experience was DABI only. Parents can use DABI, which will make bedtime stories more interesting and enjoyable.

Customised Book  Children's Story Book

The central theme of the book goes like “A child’s name has gone missing. The child, along with his / her new friend “DABI”, goes on a journey to find his / her missing name”. Apart from the usual story telling, we can say the overall theme of the book is basically to get kids acquainted with their names as well as its spelling. That is the reason why the target age group is 2-8 years. These are the initial years of school wherein a child learns how to spell and pronounce his name. The ‘Oh My Name’ book does just that. This is an innovative and interesting way to accomplish that purpose as well. Apart from that, the main selling point of the book is, that it is personalized. The very sight of seeing your kids name printed on a book captures the gleam in every parent’s eye. The book also comes with a personalized message as part of the introduction. This feature definitely caught my eye and is sure to grab the market attention of new and would be parents.

Customised Story Book India

The ‘Oh My Name’ book can be categorized as a ‘Fiction’ book. Since it is personalized story book for the kids, categorizing it as hardcore fiction is not something we would do. Thus we can put this in ‘Children’s Fiction ‘ category. The story of finding the alphabets has been beautifully weaved which is sure to keep the kids hooked onto the book till the last page.

Oh My Name Review

‘Oh, My Name’ book has been written, Nikhil Mittal. Nikhil is a 1st-time author. When he is not writing, he is busy reading (either to himself or to his little one). In his own words, “I always thought reading is the most rewarding exercise, until I discovered the joy of writing.”

Oh My Name Book Review

The ‘Oh My Name’ book wins hands down as a very nice book for both kids as well as parents who can read the stories to their little ones. ’DABI’ the puppet breaks the monotony of just reading aloud the story. This is because along with reading the story to your kids, you can introduce ‘DABI’ to them and make reading aloud more enjoyable. In these modern times, where everything right from beddings, towels, key chains, mugs are becoming personalized, the ‘Oh My Name’ is an addition to this arena. If everything can be personalized, then why not books, and the ‘Oh My Name’ book does just that. This book can serve as the perfect gifting options, in today’s world when we parents aren’t left with many gifting options.I am sure kids will definitely get excited when they see their names imprinted on the book. One sentence which definitely went down in my heart was a line at the end of the book which stated ‘SPECIALLY MADE FOR VARANYA’.  Another feature which we liked is that this book is ‘Made In India’ and we are in full support of it. We would definitely recommend this book to parents and kids as we loved the illustrations and the representation of the story.

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