Who is Tanu Shree Singh

I usually develop cold feet whenever a review copy gets sent to me.
A. I am not a professional reviewer.
B. The fear of not liking it and having to tell the author grips me.
And hence, I usually avoid such situations all together.

'Oh! My name,' however, intrigued me because:
1. I had never seen a personalised book and in fact wasn't really enthusiastic about the idea.
2. I loved the illustrations.

The packet arrived today, addressed to the younger one. He called me to ask if he could open it and I requested him to wait. I am glad he listened, else I wouldn't have witnessed the sheer joy he felt on seeing it.

The story revolves around a boy who has lost his name. He sets out on a journey to find it and meets Dabi on way. The book then traces their journey as they find all the alphabets of his name. The illustrations are lovely and the printing quality is excellent.

The younger one is 13 and yet he found the entire thing endearing. The fact that his name was in the book and it had a message just for him, kept him grinning for a long time. One can safely assume that the younger kids will go ballistic about the idea (even the reluctant readers).

The book was accompanied by a hand puppet of Dabi which is a bonus as it can help in a dramatised telling to the younger lot.

The only gripe? The older one is convinced that I love him less since the book addresses only the younger one.

For more: https://ohmyname.net

PS. Some of you messaged asking about the quality of writing. So although I feel the plot could have been tighter, the younger one is still not over the fact that the spine of the book has his name! So more than the perfection, this one is about a personal touch.