Why we love this book by Vaishali Karthikeyan

Who is Vaishali Karthikeyan

Personalized Book and a Puppet

+ Personalised - Follows the adventures of a little girl trying to find her name

+Illustrations - beautiful , gorgeous illustrations that baby V cannot get enough of

+ Thought - there is just so much thought that has gone into this book. And it is evident through the rare and lovely characters introduced- Kookaburras, sloths, totems to name just a few. Also the cute puppet that comes along is an added bonus and cuddly toy.

+ Pages - Thick, glossy pages make it baby friendly

+ Personalisation - You can add a personalised page and your child's photo on the first page too.

+ Service - I am blown over by their service. Right from replying to every mail, sharing tracking info, neat packaging to feedback calls, these guys are super customer friendly.