About “Oh! My Name” Book

“Oh! My Name” is a personalized children’s picture book. It is personalized using the letters of the child’s name.

“It is a perfect gift for anyone from 0 to 100 years”: Ritu Khoda, Award Winning Author.

The book is a collection of short rhyming stories with colorful illustrations.

The book is about a boy / girl who does not remember his / her name. He / She, along with a friend called "Dabi", decides to go on a journey to find his / her name. They meet various animals, go to different places and eventually get back the boy / girl's name, letter by letter.

E.g. In the “Oh! My Name” book made for a boy called “Neil”, the boy will hear a Nightingale (N) singing, come across a Chimpanzee (E) who does not want his hair cut, meet a very reclusive animal called "Ila Pika" (I) and then do a lot of HAHAHEHE with a Laughing Buddha (L). Each of these animals will give the boy an alphabet i.e. ‘N’,’E’,’I’ & ‘L’ which will eventually form his name “NEIL”.

Similarly, for names with different alphabets, there are different stories specific to those alphabets.

Yes, we have short stories on various topics e.g. Astronomy (star gazing with Galileo), Treasure hunt in a Pyramid, Showing kindness towards others, Learning why lying is not good etc.

Please drop us an email at hello@ohmyname.net if you want a particular story / topic to be incorporated.

Yes, you can add the child’s photo on the 1st page i.e. the dedication message page along with a message for your child.

Once you place your order, please send your child’s photo to hello@ohmyname.net.

For the book to be personalized, the child’s name should at least have 3 letters.

For a short name like “Uma”, the book will have 24 pages. For a long name like “Aaradhaya”, the book will have 44 pages. So the number of pages in the book depends on the length of the name of the child.

Yes, we can give you multiple books without any common story. Please drop us an email at hello@ohmyname.net to know what all stories can be incorporated.


Shipping and Delivery

Standard shipping (delivery in 15 business days) is free worlwide. There is also an express shipping option (delivery in 7 business days) which is charged US $8.

Delivery under standard shipping takes 15 business days. Delivery under express shipping takes 7 business days.

Our shipping partners include DHL, India Post, and DTDC.

Yes, as soon as the book is shipped, a tracking code will be sent to your registered mail id.

If the above delivery timeline does not meet your requirement, please contact us at hello@ohmyname.net and we will find a way to get you the book in your required timeframe.


Cancellation and Replacement

You can cancel your order within 24 hours from the time you place the order. You will be given full refund. No questions asked.

As your book is custom made only for you, we apologize but we will not be able to accept cancellation after 24 hours of your order. For any special request, please contact us at hello@ohmyname.net.

Despite our best efforts, it is possible that the product you receive does not confirm to the high quality standards we stand for. If you find your package to be in poor condition, we request you to file a replacement in your “My Accounts” page within 10 days from the day your package was delivered and we will provide you with a free replacement.



Once your book is made, it is shrink wrapped and then encased within a hard box to ensure that you receive your shipment in top notch condition.

If you want your book to be gift wrapped, please contact us at hello@ohmyname.net.


Discount and Promo Code

Yes, we have the following discounts on ordering multiple books:

  • 2 to 3: 10%
  • 4 to 5: 15%
  • More than 5: 20%

No, a promo code cannot be combined with any other discount valid at that point of time.



For all international payments, we use PayPal.


Social Responsibility

Yes, we are currently working with two NGOs: Children International and CRY Foundation.

Children International is one of the largest nonprofit organizations working around the world to help kids break free from poverty. For more information, please visit their website at www.children.org

CRY: Children Rights and You is an Indian NGO that works to ensure the fundamental rights of underprivileged children in India are protected and honored. For more information, please visit their website at www.cry.org.

We contribute ~5% of its profits to CRY and Children International.

Other Queries: For any other query, please contact us at hello@ohmyname.net