"Soar High - My Butterfly" Children's Quiet / Activity Book

"Soar High - My Butterfly" Children's Quiet / Activity Book

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This is a 4 pages mini activity book with different activities and is a good sensory toy which helps kids to develop their fine motor skills, form and color identification & problem solving skills.

Size: 6.0 * 6.0 inches
Made from the top quality eco-friendly material (can be safely used by children) and stitched to perfection.

Includes the following 4 activities:

Color & Shape Identification along with Memory Exercise
Buttoning / Unbuttoning
Buckling the belt

For details, please have a look at the description below.



The "Soar High - My Butterfly" quiet book includes the following "pages":

Cover Page - It has a bead to move from one butterfly hole to another Hole . This activity strengthens fine motor skills.

Activity Pages:

Activity 1 - A child can learn about different colors and see himself / herself in the mirror. Each felt petal has a button underneath to play a memory game.

Activity 2 - This activity is good for introducing brushing habit. The child get to brush the bunny's teeth.

Activity 3 - The child learns to button / unbutton things with these jumbo sized buttons.

Activity 4 - The child learns how to buckle his / her belt. The book also has primary shapes for the child to learn and match.

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