"Dinosaurs Are Back!" Children's Quiet / Activity Book

"Dinosaurs Are Back!" Children's Quiet / Activity Book

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This is a 6 Pages activity book with Dinosaur theme for kids to help them improve their fine motor and cognitive skills, color and form identification ability, behavior as well as imagination.

Size: 8.5 * 8.5 inches
Made from the top quality eco-friendly material (can be safely used by children) and stitched to perfection.

Includes the following 6 activities:

Make Your Own Dinosaurs
Maze Activity
Dinosaurs Cave & Color Eggs
Feed the Dino
Memory Game
Volcano Lacing Page

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The "Dinosaurs Are Back" quiet book includes the following "pages":

Cover Page - It has a Dino with moving Legs.

Activity Pages:

Activity 1 - Make Your Own Dinosaurs: This activity encourages kids to make a dinosaur with the shapes. This activity helps in learning different shapes and their sizes. This comes with some sample cards that helps kids to make the dinosaurs.

Activity 2 - Maze Activity: This is a maze activity which improves Puzzle solving skills and cognitive skills.

Activity 3 - Dinosaurs Cave & Color Eggs: This is a Color matching activity to place the same color eggs at the cave. It also has same colored finger puppets to match with the eggs.

Activity 4 - Feed the Dino: This is a counting activity page to count the beads and leaves by feeding the dinosaur.

Activity 5 - Memory Game: This is a memory game will get the kid to hone their memory skills and concentration. The more you play, the better you get at it.

Activity 6 - Volcano Lacing Page: This is a Lacing activity page which helps kids improve their Fine motor skills.

Back page - It has a zipper for storing loose parts of the book.