"The Wonder Train" Children's Quiet / Activity Book

"The Wonder Train" Children's Quiet / Activity Book

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This is a 6 Pages activity book which has the following activities:

Vegetable & Fruits Plucking
Shape Stacking
Washing Machine and Ironing
Counting using Abacus Beads
Vehicle Puzzle Solving

Size: 8.5 * 8.5 inches
Made from the top quality eco-friendly material (can be safely used by children) and stitched to perfection.

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The "The Wonder Train" quiet book includes the following "pages":

Cover Page - "Wonder Train " - This page has a 4 Pc's Train Puzzle for the child to make his / her own train. The tyres of the train have buttons for the child to learn how to button / unbutton.

Activity Pages:

Activities 1 - "Vegetable & Fruits Plucking Activity" - This page is based on the concept of growing vegetables on the trees, ground and underground. Fruits and Vegetables include Apple, Mango, Tomato, Potato, Carrot, Beetroot and some more. Kids can also identify which one is Fruit or Vegetable.

Activity 2 - "Shape Stacking" - This page includes 5 different shapes with 3 different sizes each. Kids can learn about the sizes and shapes and have to stack them accordingly.

Activity 3 - "Machine And Ironing Page" - This has a washing machine and tee shirt to wash and match with same colors. It also has an ironing board.

Activity 4 - "Fishing Activity" - This is one of the favorite activity of the kids to catch the fish with the Magnetic Rod. This page has 1 movable Boat attached so they can learn Direction (left / right), Speed (slow / fast) concepts while moving the boat.

Activities 5 - "Abacus Beads" - This has a counting activity along with placing the felt numbers.

Activities 6 - "Vehicle Puzzle" - This is 2 Pcs Puzzle activity to solve the Vehicle Puzzle.

Back page - It has a zipper for storing loose parts of the book.